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Pay4Vend, the way forward for an enhanced vending experience. You may have seen recent loyalty and engagement strategies designed to reward users for their custom, and read up on the benefits of our service, but what else can the app offer?

Pay4Vend has a built-in chat-box to contact a member of our team directly from head office. This feature also allows the App Team to communicate to users with recent updates and promotional offerings.

So, what sort of things can you ask our chat-box?

Service Queries

Our state-of-the-art vending machines are exceptionally high-quality regarding innovation, technology, software, durability and aesthetic, however, like all technology, there may be times they need a repair. Should you face any fault, our chat-box is available to assist, for example:

‘Machine B1520 says out of service, can you help please?’

How do we resolve this?

Our team member may ask you for details regarding your transaction, such as the machine number, date/time and product selected. We will then check our telemetry system to observe the data recorded from the machine before communicating back to our Service Team, who will send one of our engineers out a.s.a.p. to repair this fault. Additionally, our App Support Team will reimburse you for the inconvenience and send a message back to make you aware of this.


Have an idea that could enhance your vending experience further? Let us know! We are always seeking feedback from consumers, for example:

‘Please can we have more energy drinks in our cold bottle machine?’

How do we act on this?

Our team member may ask for a few more details regarding your site location and machine number; we will then discuss with our Marketing and Insights Teams to re-evaluate the machine planogram based on demand, for the next quarter. Your opinions and preferences matter most to us, so we are always appreciative of honest opinions and ideas.


Wondering what the latest prize offering is? Our chat-box will always keep you updated! Whether it’s awareness of our most recent give-aways or notifications regarding upcoming seasonal promotions (such as our free drink on Valentine’s Day), the chat-box will always keep you in the loop!

So, if you’re ever in need of a helping hand from a Broderick’s team member, or simply would like to make a request to enhance your vending experience, drop us a message via the chat-box; replies are usually within 48 hours during the working week.

Appy’ Vending!

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