Reward your staff with Brodericks Pay4Vend.

Choosing Pay4vend today within your business goes much further than refreshments, Pay4Vend can be integrated within your HR system and be used to reward best practice, safety at work, overtime treats, employee of the month and any other requests.

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increase in production from engaged and refreshed staff

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of employees go to work without coins in their pocket

Improving employee engagement.

Employees can engage directly and request products, receive freebies, win big and report any issues.
Active users receive loyalty rewards for usage and engagement as well as access to our special monthly draw, brand freebies, promotional days, discounts and much more.

Vending solutions tailored to your organisation

Pay4Vend is a cashless system connecting a community beyond the workplace and can be used in local Shopping Malls, Gyms, Leisure Centres, Airports and Hospitals to obtain the lowest price and receive further incentives and rewards.

Rewarding employees at...

Key features

At Work

No need for coins as credit can be topped up via PayPal, Apple Pay or your credit card. Loyalty rewards are earned with every vend and high rollers are rewarded. Pay4Vend creates a receipt to ensure transactions are totally accountable.

On the go

As Pay4Vend is rolled-out in more and more public places such as Shopping Malls, Leisure Centres, Airports, Hospitals and places of entertainment your employees will receive the maximum discount on the go when shopping or in the gym.

Monthly special draw

Every month there is a special draw and every vend creates a virtual raffle ticket entry to that months' special prize. Winners are notified directly via email, on our website and on social media.

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