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Even during the Coronavirus pandemic, vending machines have remained #alwaysopen.
Pay4vend offers a covid-ready solution for future safe sampling and tasting via vending machines strategically placed nationally across all sectors.
Pay4Vend gives brands complete control and insight into their campaign monitoring and measuring feedback and engagement.

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Pay4Vend can help

Established brands

Even the most established brands can benefit from the promotional opportunities a Pay4Vend product placement offers.

Emerging brands

We have the insights and locations to help you launch your brand and increase brand recognition amongst your target audience.

New product lines

If you want to trial a new product to a specific market, we can advise on where and when to begin the process.

Benefits for brands

The Pay4Vend platform is the ideal place for a brand to gain insight during a pandemic where currently everything isn’t business as usual. Allowing brands to continue to sample, engage and interact with consumers in Travel, Retail, Universities, Leisure, Hospitals and Business environments.
See who's buying your products

Not only can we place your products in-front of your target audience, because consumers purchase through the Pay4Vend app we can then provide analytics on who is buying your products, and when. All our app-generated data is In-line with GDPR privacy guidelines.

Bespoke Campaigns

Whether it's to support your own on-pack promotion or a seasonal or taster campaign, our bespoke offerings allow for short-term vending in our most prominent locations. Work with our marketing team to design and implement a bespoke product advertising campaign to support your brands' advertising strategy.

Interact with buyers to gather feedback

Gathering feedback on your products has never been easier; survey your consumers directly via our Pay4Vend app and offer rewards for their valuable insight.

Connect campaigns with MediaVend

Want to take your campaign to the next level? Team your Pay4Vend campaigns with Brodericks MediaVend to place digital advertisements on the vending machines' digital high-res screens to advertise your product before the user has chosen their purchase.

Outside the box

Pay4vend's interactive subscribers are rewarded with brand missions on the go. Brands can mobilise missions or develop mystery customer feedback programmes to monitor and measure performance. From a simple display picture, mini-survey or secret mystery shopper visit, the Pay4vend ''secret squirrels'' can provide valuable insight.

Our process

  • 1

    We get to know your product, understand your business objectives, pinpoint your key audience.

  • 2

    Choose the right venues, capture data on screen by running promotions on pack or via the app, run geo-targeted loyalty and rewards schemes.

  • 3
    Gather campaign insights

    Gain market insights through the first real GDPR compliant vending data of it's kind.

Brands we work with

We are proud to work with some of the biggest and most exciting emerging brands in the food and beverage industry, in the most prominent locations in the UK.
''Working with Pay4Vend was a fantastic way to engage and target our consumer demographic to pick up our snacks in any one of their nearest Brodericks machines. The app gives a real-time map of their nearest machine so customers can navigate their way to treats in the shortest time possible. It allowed us to track redemptions, understand sales and also reward loyalty for those who were frequent shoppers of our product.
When working on a marketing campaign, we were able to use the Pay4Vend app to instantly cascade our message to thousands of consumers simultaneously and offer exclusive prizes through competitions. It is a wonderful toolkit that makes Brodericks an exciting proposition for any brand.''
Liam Mahoney LoveRaw
''Vimto recognises pay4vend as the market leader in vending engagement, a great way to launch variants of products to our selected target market and the future of vending.
Our collaborative vending relationship spans over 35 years, long may it continue!''
Sean Shuttleworth National Account Manager, Vimto
''The two words I would use to describe working with pay4vend are 'Enthusiasm' and 'Passion'. 'Enthusiasm' in their eagerness to succeed but to make sure that everyone is a part of that success and 'Passion' in doing things the right way with honesty and integrity''.
Stephen Hendry Customer Business Manager, Walkers

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