Pay4Vend Prizes

We’re heading into June, and what better way to utilise the summer months than with a shopping spree or trip away? Did you know that simply using a Broderick’s vending machine can land you with exactly that …

We’ve recently partnered with our leading brand providers Coke, Lucozade, Red Bull, Vit-Hit, Mars, Walkers, Rowntree and MyProtein to give back to our app consumers. Let’s dive a bit deeper into what vending a product from each of these brands can land you:


Let’s begin with our biggest prize giveaway of the year … vending any Coke product, whether this is a Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta or Sprite, enters you into a virtual raffle to win a huge £2500 all-inclusive holiday! Imagine feeling a light breeze against your skin with your toes sinking into warm beach sand … all from purchasing a cold bottled drink!

Lucozade, Mars, Vit-Hit

How relaxing is a fresh, summer shopping spree? New outfits ready for the hotter days, sunglasses for those summer drives and swimwear ready for that cooling dip in the pool or sea. Ah, what could be better … unless some (or all!) of that was paid for? Vending a Mars, Lucozade or Vit-Hit product can land you a £50-300 Love2Shop voucher, available to spend at various shops and retailers – you could even get your supermarket ice-lolly restock using this voucher!


Sometimes a busy weekend packing, or a fun-filled day of activities in the heat can leave you quite exhausted! The last thing on your mind will be popping into the kitchen to cook up a meal. Especially if you’ve just arrived home from a break away and have nothing stocked in the fridge! Vending a Rowntree product such as Randoms or Fruit Pastilles can give you a £50 Just Eat voucher, ready to simply have your dinner delivered to your door at the click of a button, on us!


Wanting to get fit for your holiday and are watching your calorie intake? Vending a MyProtein product can reward you with a £50 MyProtein voucher, which can fund your healthy, protein filled snacking for the entire duration of the summer months! This can range from protein snack bars to multivitamins, to powders, all designed to keep your mind and body feeling better than ever.

Red Bull

Always been a fan of Oracle Red Bull racing? Whether you’ve booked to go and watch a race event live this summer or are planning on simply settling down into the sofa (snacks at the ready), vending with us can gift you official Red Bull racing merchandise! What better way to show your support and love for the events?

So, whether you’re out shopping, at the gym or at work, using Pay4Vend on your nearby Broderick’s machine can give you the opportunity to win one of the incredible prizes above! Available all year-round so you always have a chance. Vend Easy, Vend Smart and Vend ‘Appy!

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