Using Apps in Business

Looking for innovation? How about a mobile app, used to deliver quick customer service and reward consumers for their loyalty? As a business, it may be difficult to design a strategic communications tool to engage your customers. So what have we proposed, and how has it become a growing success within the vending industry?

Mobile Usage

Since the increased cost of living, consumers are seeking convenience, better prices and loyalty reward schemes to benefit their day-to-day purchasing. Due to this, retail apps have seen a 56% usage surge, peaking at individuals aged 25-44, but also with a high proportion of those over 55*. Engaging with these consumers isn’t always easy, but if you know your audience, communicate clearly, and have an offer they can’t resist, you will soon see stronger engagement and customer relationships formed.

Our Service

Drawing into specific target audience groups helps us to provide tailored benefits for these consumers via our Pay4Vend app, which will enhance their vending experience. For example, our credit uploading and Bluetooth function on the app enables quick and easy transactions to be made, therefore combating any risk of poor signal which is useful for warehouse employees where 4G / Wi-Fi signal may be weak. For regular consumers, our credit feature also withdraws one rounded amount e.g., £5/10/20 so multiple smaller transactions aren’t frequently being taken from your bank account which makes it easier to track payments/ spending on food, snacks and drinks.

Pay4Vend is also designed as a loyalty rewards scheme for users, with frequent prize draws and free credit gifted. Our year-round offer gives 10% credit back on all £10/20 top-ups, this bonus credit covers the cost of one or multiple hot drinks or contributes significantly to your snack / cold drink purchase! The promotional activities offered by the app see users winning all-inclusive holidays and hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers, significantly boosting morale and treating people to a luxury spend, all paid for by our leading brand partners.


Having an app which is easy to use, offers great rewards, delivers instant customer service through a chat-box feature and combats issues users face, is a winning opportunity for success, with over 60,000 users to demonstrate this effective innovation strategy. Our customers are the forefront of our business, which is why giving back and having the ability to communicate directly to them is a priority of ours.

Remember to Vend Easy, Vend Smart and Vend Appy’!

* Mintel -Technology Trends: Summer – UK – 2023

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